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Illuminate is a clinical sales training and development agency with over a decade of experience in the life sciences industry

That experience, coupled with a real passion for the work and a sincere effort to understand each client's business and culture, has made Illuminate a leader in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sales training. And it's the reason we consistently earn high marks for the caliber of our work and the positive attitude with which we approach every project. Whether you’re launching a new product, conducting national sales meeting workshops, or delivering content on mobile devices, Illuminate is poised to bring you a high-impact training solution focused on driving sales and delivering results.

Our Values
While every program is unique, the values you look for in a clinical sales training partner remain the same

You want to work with people who respect your time and go above and beyond to meet your needs. Who adhere to the highest standards of writing and design excellence. And who deliver creative solutions grounded in a genuine understanding of your company, your culture and your ultimate goal—empowering your sales force and driving success.

These are the values Illuminate was founded upon, and today they remain firmly embedded in our company’s DNA, informing how we work, treat our clients, and each other. And they are the reason so many clients not only count on Illuminate when they need a job done right, but refer us to their peers when they want the same.

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Innovative solutions for every sales training need. Clinical Sales training and Selling Skills

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Our Difference

Client Focused

Creative Focus
Creative Writing

We are guided by a business philosophy that truly places the client first, and believe that success is measured by the degree to which we understand your products and culture, and function as an extension of your internal team.

  • We learn your business. Your company. Your brand. Inside and out. It's the only way to create sales training programs that genuinely meet your individual goals and expectations.
  • We promptly return your calls and respect your time.
  • We never rehash old stuff.
  • We don't think of it as a 5-day work week or a 7-day work week. But an everyday work week.
  • We'll never tell you something can't be done, or deliver a sub-standard product.
Our People

The staff at Illuminate brings years of collective expertise, unparalleled dedication and focus to helping clients meet their sales training goals.

Shaun McMahon
Brian Kane
Juan Carlos Pinedo
Jake Roeschley
Faroid Dadrass
Kara Fitzgibbon
Tyler Caffelle
Nicola Hassapis
Clint Johnson
Joanne Barbosa
Alexa Costi
Ben Camp
Daniel Goldsmith
Karen Minor
Patrick Henning
Oliver Garside
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